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We have cute Easter planters and gifts for your "hoppy" little ones! 
Come visit us!  We are OPEN Good Friday & Saturday from 9-6, Easter Sunday 9-5, and Easter Monday 9-6 

SAVE THE TAX sale is valid Friday, April 19 until Monday, April 22, 2019.  We look forward to seeing you!


Aloe? Is it me you're looking for? 
We have an amazing selection of 4" aloe plants in the greenhouse right now. These plants are both 
attractive to look at and medicinal! Their jelly-like insides are great for soothing sunburns, making it a 
smart purchase with summer on the horizon. Paired with these mid-century style pots, you have the perfect 
blend of form and function.
Are you looking for a creative activity for this long weekend?  Terrariums are fun and easy to make!
We have everything you need to make your own beautiful arrangement.  Choose from our 
glass terrarium options, natural stones, air plants, tiny tropical plants, and succulents.
We have a huge selection of ceramic, plastic, and fibreclay containers and pots at the moment! 
Choose from simple and sleek varieties in black and white, neutral and matte styles, and 
brightly coloured ceramics - something for everyone's taste!
We have Hummingbirds zooming around like crazy right now! Attract these amazing little birds into your
garden with brightly coloured plants, flowers, and of course with these gorgeous glass feeders. Don't forget 
to pick-up the food as well!  Tip: Hang one in front of a window or sliding door so you can view them easily 
without disturbing them.

 Come in and be amazed by our selection of Bedding Plants, Herb and Vegetable Plants!

We are proud to announce that ALL of our homegrown plants are grown organically.
~ From our Greenhouse to your Garden ~

 Ferns ferns ferns! These indoor plants are perfect for a bright room or bathroom.  They

bring lush and interesting greenery to the space. The popular Staghorn fern is an epiphyte,
meaning they normally grow on the sides of trees where they can absorb nutrients and moisture from
their fronds.  Ferns love humidity, so it's important to mist them regularly. 
Come into the store for a great selection!
Bring a little romance into your garden this spring with a gorgeous palate of blush pinks, rich purples and delicate ivories.
Come pick up one of these lovely hydrangeas in full bloom, a Camellia, Hellebore or Pieris... or all four!
While you are here, complete the look with these stunning vintage styled trellises and garden benches.
 As the weather warms up, many of you are thinking of planting flowering plants, 
grasses, trees and shrubs into your gardens... Well, don't forget the transplant fertilizer! 
This specially formulated fertilizer contains the phosphorous, rooting hormone, and kelp that is
important for establishing the root system of all of the plants that you transplant, both indoors and out. 

After a long hard winter, your plants might be feeling a little famished!  
Come on into the store today to talk to our knowledgeable staff to learn about how and with what you should be fertilizing your plants with this spring!


 We have a unique selection of Succulent and Cactus planters available!


Our herbs are looking amazing and most of them are ready to plant out now!  Be sure to wait to plant out your Basil and Cilantro until mid-May. 




We offer an amazing selection of non-GMO and ORGANIC seeds by local seed companies like West Coast Seeds, Pacific Northwest Seeds, and Mr. Fothergills!

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