10 Gifts For Gardeners

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The gardeners in our lives are always looking for new tools and plants to enhance their gardening experience. We have put together our top 10 gifts for gardeners this season which include stocking stuffers and gift ideas. Everything is in stock at the store, so just swing on by after work one day (we are open til 6:00 Monday to Sunday) or grab a few things this weekend when you come in to get your Christmas tree!

1. Gardening Tools

The right tool can make or break how a gardening project goes and therefore we stock a great selection of handheld and long-handled tools. Our helpful staff can help you pick the right tool for the right job such as this heavy duty pruning saw, leaf rakes, trowels and spades. Hand tools make excellent stocking stuffers, while long-handled tools make a funny gift wrapped present.

2. Wall Art And Garden Accessories

This season, we have an amazing array of metal wall art which is suitable for indoor and outdoor display. This includes this lovely linear piece of foliage, as well as other pieces such as metal flowers and suns. Ask our helpful staff for help viewing these lovely pieces around the store.

3. Indoor Plants

We all have that one friend or family member who is all about indoor plants at the moment. Lucky for you, we have a great selection of indoor plants such as Ferns, Hoyas, Calatheas and Philodendrons which are very popular this season! Our helpful staff can guide you through the process of choosing the right plant, and can even help you pick the necessary pot and soil for it. Be sure to add a stylish container from our curated collection to complete the gift and look.

4. Gardening Gift Basket

Have a DIY'er in your life? Have our staff help you put together a specialised gift basket for your gift receiver. For example, a cacti oriented gift basket could contain a cacti, a stylish pot, ProMix Cactus soil and Schultz Cactus fertilizer. We even have gorgeous woven baskets to stage it in for immediate gift giving! Another great and beautiful option our be an orchid gift basket containing a Phalenopsis orchid, specialised orchid pot, a bag of orchid planting medium and Schultz Orchid fertilizer. These thoughtful gifts can be tailored perfectly for the gardener in your life.

5. Bird Feeders & Bird Food

Birds and insects are a part of our garden that we love and adore. This season give your gardener and bird lover the gift of a bird feeder and bird food. Help support your local wildlife during the winter with our premium suet, seeds and quality feeders in a variety of styles which withstand the harsh elements.

6. Mason Bee Supplies

Speaking of birds and insects, we have mason bee supplies! Check out our amazing selection of mason bee houses, maintenance supplies and even a limited number of cocoons. Ask our staff for some of out in-house literature for a complete package!

7. Miniature Garden Accessories

Miniature gardens are a very charming (and addictive!) hobby. We have huge selection of accessories for miniature/fairy gardens including stepping stones, figurines, furniture and even larger pieces like homes. Seasonal ones are also available such as ones for Halloween and Christmas! These make excellent stocking stuffers!

8. Pruners