5 Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

2020 has been the year of gardening. With all of us spending more time at home, many of us have taken up gardening or expanded our existing gardening habits. With 2021 approaching, now is the best time to cultivate that interest and sow new memories! Looking for Christmas gift ideas for the budding or experienced gardener in your life? Well, we have 5 great ideas for all budgets. All items are in stock, so just head into the store and our helpful staff will aid you in picking out that perfect gift.


Now hear me out, pruners may not be the most exciting gift but they are absolutely essential for your gardener. The added bonus is that they come in a variety of styles and price points so you can tailor your gift. We have Felco # 2 & # 4, Greenhouse stainless steel precision pruners & Corona brand in several styles. Our staff can help you choose the right pair for the job. We also have sharpeners, replacement springs, and gloves for those prickly jobs.

Corona Pruners, Trimmers (for delicate jobs) & Felco #2 (professional grade) & #4

Wind Chimes

There is something soothing and relaxing hearing the song of a wind chime on a warm summer's day. We have a great selection of high-quality wind chimes in a variety of styles, sizes and sounds. Come into the store to hear them all, as there is an excellent range of sound and volume!

Mason Bee Supplies

Mason Bees are wonderful pollinators for your garden and surrounding ecosystem. These bees are small and do not live in a hive, but independently. You can provide a home for wild Mason Bees or bee pupae (which you can purchase) with a nesting box, replacement tubes, and a variety of other supplies. It is too early to purchase pupae, so keep an eye out in the Spring when we receive them. Want to learn more about Mason Bees and other pollinators? Check out Mike Lascelle's blog all about it here

Hummingbird Feeders & Bird Food

On the Coast, we are lucky enough to have Hummingbirds year-round. You can enjoy these brightly coloured birds in the winter while also giving them a hand with a feeder with biologically appropriate food. We have a great set of feeders in a variety of styles, accessories like perch swings, liquid and powder feed, and even feeder cleaning supplies. If a variety of feathered friends who frequent your backyards, we have suet blocks, hangers and bags of seed.