7 Most Popular Houseplants of 2019

Indoor plants bring life, air purification benefits, and good vibes in general to homes and offices. In this blog post we are going to be discussing the 7 most popular houseplants of 2019 and what you can expect from them when you add them your your collection!

'Prayer Plant' Maranta leuconeura

1. 'Prayer Plant' Maranta leuconeura

These enigmatic plants are known for their amazing habit of folding and unfolding their leaves from night to day. With a sprawling growing habit, prayer plants grow to about 12" tall with variegated leaves which reach about 6" in length. Prayer plants love bright, but filtered sunlight, constant moisture during the growing season and less during the winter. Like most tropical indoor plants, they enjoy fertiliser once monthly during the growing season.

'Chinese Money Plant' Pilea peperomioides

2. 'Chinese Money Plant' Pilea peperomioides

'Chinese Money Plants' with their large disc shaped leaves are cheerful and fun plants which stay relatively compact. Liking bright but indirect sunlight, Chinese money plants need a little extra TLC when it comes to maintaining them. Be sure to rotate your plant weekly to prevent it from becoming lopsided and also be sure to wipe their leaves down regularly to prevent dust from accumulating on them. As for water, these fleshy plants like to dry out slightly in between waterings. If the leaves droop slightly, this is a sign that they should be watered. Starting in the spring fertilise your Chinese money plant with all purpose tropical plant food (We recommend Schultz Liquid Plant Food 10-15-10) monthly until the beginning of fall.

3. 'Boston Fern' Nephrolepis exaltata

This classic houseplant is a great addition for the indoor gardener who is looking for a little challenge. Boston ferns love humidity and moisture, but also like a slightly cooler environment without direct sunlight. These ferns love moist soil, so be sure to maintain their watering schedule and regular misting. Fertilise your Boston fern during the growing season with an all-purpose or even a slow release pellet fertiliser. A bonus feature to Boston ferns is that they are great at purifying the air in your home, so it is just another reason to add one to your collection.


4. Echeveria Succulents

Sometimes called the Desert Rose, Echeveria are distinct with their fleshy leaves and circular growth pattern. These gorgeous and striking plants are a great option for those who travel or out of town often. Echeveria love a high-light area and require very little watering, making them a great option for those who are a bit more absent. When you do water your succulents be sure to only water the soil and avoid letting water from sitting in the plants rosettes which could lead to rot. Fertilise your succulents two to three times during the growing season with a low nitrogen product - we recommend the Schultz 2-7-7 Cactus Liquid Plant Food. If repotting your succulents, be sure to use our PRO-MIX Premium Cactus Mix which ensures the perfect balance of drainage and moisture retention.

'Split Leaf Philodendron' Monstera deliciosa

5. 'Split Leaf Philodendron' Monstera deliciosa

Commonly called 'Split Leaf Philodrendron' Monstera deliciosa are in fact not philodenrons despite their name. Monstera plants have made a major comeback in popularity in the past few years with interior designers as the bring an exotic and playful feel to any space. These sprawling large-leafed plants are fairly easy keepers, loving bright but indirect sunlight, moderate humidity and deep waterings. Don't let your Monstera dry out, but also don't let it stay soggy as it will cause root rot. As new leaves grow they will unfurl solid and as the leaf matures it will develop its signature splits and holes. To keep your Mostera happy, be sure to fertilise it twice monthly during the growing season. One last thing is to dust its large leaves regularly to keep it looking great and pest free.

6. 'Snake Plant' Sansevieria trifasciata

Looking for an indestructible houseplant? One that can stand up to neglect, dark rooms, and drought? Then a Snake Plant is the perfect choice for you. All kidding aside, these stunning vertical plants are so hardy they are almost indestructible and are the perfect first plant for those unfamiliar with plant care. Like I mentioned above, Sansevieria can handle extremely low-light and do not require a lot of water - in fact too much water will cause rot in their shallow root systems. Sansevieria are ideal candidates for offices and high traffic areas due to their vertical growing habit. As for feeding a snake plant, fertilise just twice during the growing season with an all-purpose liquid fertiliser as they really don't require a lot of attention.

7. 'Rubber Plant' Ficus elastica

Strangely enough, the very first houseplant I killed was a Rubber plant, and it was a testament to how little care this plant requires and likes. Ficus elastica aka Rubber plants are fun and potentially large growing plants. Although we sell them in pots as small as 4", Rubber plants can potentially grow into 60'+ full sized trees (though only in ideal outdoor conditions). Rubber plants are happy in a medium to high-light conditions though not direct sunlight, which may result in burnt leaves. Additionally they like deep but infrequent waterings which allow the top portion of the soil to dry out somewhat in between. This was my downfall with my rubber plant, as I over-watered it terribly and I rotted it from the soil up. Also, just like with many indoor plants, they like to be fertilsed several times during the spring and summer.

So now you know which indoor plants you should add to your space, make sure that you have all the right materials to keep them looking their best. We recommend PRO-MIX Premium Potting Mix for most houseplants as it has the right balance of peat, compost and perlite for optimal moisture retention and drainage. Also use the Schultz 10-15-10 Liquid plant food as a great all around fertiliser for your houseplants. As for your cactus and succulents, we recommend the PRO-MIX Premium Cactus Mix which provides your drainage loving plants the right soil conditions. Schultz Cactus Liquid Plant Food has lower nitrogen content, making it a great option for succulents. You can pick up everything you need at Amsterdam Garden Centre including new pots, soil and fertiliser - so stop in today!