A Recipe For Success: A Modern Living Centrepiece

This Thanksgiving is going to look a little different than usual this year, small faces in bigger places and all. But that doesn't mean that you're smaller than usual gathering has to be less remarkable. Dress up your Thanksgiving table with a stunning display with two planters full of seasonal flowers and perennials which have a fresh woodland vibe. Finish off the look with swaths of seeded Eucalyptus and mini pumpkins. This display is perfect for large and long tables as this allows you to spread the items out for a complete look. So join Candace and I this week for a great Recipe For Success.

Shopping List:

  • 2 Rectangular Planters

  • 2 4" White Cyclamen

  • 2 4" Soleirolia aurea 'Golden Baby Tears'

  • 2 4" Calocephalus 'Silver Stone'

  • 2 4" Maidenhair Ferns

  • 1 4" Calluna Skyline Heather

  • 4 White Mini Pumpkins

  • 1 Bag of WillGro Fine Fir Bark

  • 1 Bag of ProMix Planter Mix

  • 1 Bag of Dutch Treat Aggregate drain rock

Optional: Table Dressing

  • 1 Bunch of Eucalyptus

  • 5 Pinecones

  • 2 Fairylight strings

  • 4 White Mini Pumpkins

Step 1:

Use two rectangular planters to create a larger display.

Gather all of your materials and grab your gloves. These planters are tightly packed for instant fullness and effect, so you might have to knock away extra soil from around the root balls of your plants to get it all to fit easily.

First, fill both your planters with a thin layer of aggregate drain rock and then cover with about 1" of potting soil. Use the two diagrams below to mimic the layout that we used for the planters as they are intended to be displayed side by side as if they were one large planter.

Use rocks for drainage and then fill with soil.

Planter 1 Layout

Step 2:

Start by placing your Maidenhair Fern and 'Silver Stone' in the front and back of the planter, somewhat off centre to one another on the left side. Next place the white Cyclamen and 'Golden Baby Tears' at the opposite end of the planter. You will have a little space in the corners of your pot where your mini pumpkins will go eventually.

Planter 2 Layout

Step 3:

Now moving on to your second planter, this planter brings a little height to the centrepiece with the white Calluna Skyline Heather. As this is display is two planters, meant to be placed side by side, the Heather acts as the "middle" of the display. Plant your Heather at the very close to the left side of the container, somewhat off centre in the container (leaving space for a pumpkin).

Then plant the 'Golden Baby Tears' and 'Silver Stone' side by side in the middle of the planter. This provides an excellent colour contrast between the lime green and silvery-white.

Finally, plant your remaining Cyclamen and Maidenhair fern at the opposite end of the container. Use 3 - 4 mini pumpkins in your planters to add a festive accent within them.

Step 4:

Finish off your planters by covering up the exposed soil with a light layer of WillGro Fine Fir Bark. This gives the planters a professional and clean feeling. Candace doesn't recommend using moss to cover the soil because it could possibly retain too much moisture around the base of the plants and pumpkins causing rot.

Step 5:

Dressing your table is easy and fun! Place your two newly created planters side-by-side in the centre of your table. Next spread the individual branches of the Eucalyptus along the length of your table creating a runner-like look of foliage. I would only place the Eucalyptus one to two days in advance to avoid having the branches dry out. Keep the branches in a vase of water and outside for optimal freshness and then they can also be reused for future projects.

Place your planters side by side in the centre of your table.
Lay out your Eucalyptus like a runner & add string fairy lights instead of candles.

Spread your Fairylight strands throughout the Eucalyptus to give it a festive look in which the light plays off the foliage. We like to use the LED Fairylight strands because they are safer and more convenient than using tea lights in displays.

Next move on to placing your Mini Pumpkins. The Fairylights have a white battery pack which is unsightly, so use pumpkins or pinecones to help disguise them. Place the Pumpkins around in the empty gaps of your Eucalyptus and do the same with your Pinecones. We also used some concrete acorn ornaments to complete the look.

And there you have it! Your table is now complete and ready for Thanksgiving.

Happy Planting - Heather & Candace

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