A Recipe For Success - Canada Day Planter

Hi Everyone!

So Canada Day is around the corner and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful one at that! To get your patios or gardens celebration ready, we decided to give you all the recipe for success to make your very own Canada Day themed planter.

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This red and white flowering planter uses a variety of our homegrown, organic annuals and herbs. It is designed to be fun, cheerful, and casual - just like us Canucks! All of these flowers are great for bright sunny yards or patios, just be sure to water thoroughly to keep them looking their best. Let's get started!

Shopping List:

  • 1- White (or Red) planter

  • 1 - bag of MySoil Potting Soil

  • 2 - 4" Diamond Frost Euphorbia

  • 1 - 4" Simply Wave White Petunia

  • 2 - 4" Estrella Voodoo Red Verbena

  • 1 - 4" Calliope Medium Scarlet Geranium

  • 1 - 4" Americana White Geranium (Ironic, yes I know haha but it's what we sell!)

  • 1 - 4" Jiaogulan trailing herb

  • 1 Container of GardenPro Hanging Basket Slow Release Fertiliser 14-14-14

When choosing your container a few things to consider are size and drainage. I chose this 15" container because it had drainage holes and a attached saucer which helps with run off. I also chose a container which fit this specific number of plants - but also not so large that it would look sparse. I wanted this planter to look full and luscious for Canada Day. I went with plastic because it was a lighter option; however, we do have a great selection of white ceramic containers.


To begin you will fill your selected container with the MySoil Potting Soil, just within an inch of the top of the container. Mix 2-3 tablespoons of the GardenPro Hanging Basket Slow Release Fertiliser 14-14-14 with the soil. By adding the slow release fertiliser you will ensure that your plants and blooms will be fed for the next 4 months.