A Recipe for Success: Decorating Your Porch for Fall

Fall is officially in full-swing and as the leaves change colour and we all sip our pumpkin spice lattes it is time to start thinking about decorating our homes for fall. The beautiful thing about decorating for fall is that you don't need a large space to make a great impact. The colourful plants and pumpkins are eye-catching enough. So don't worry if you feel like your porch or front entry isn't Instaworthy. It will be with just a little work. Fortunately we here at Amsterdam have everything you need to get your home ready for fall and gussied up for guests (Thanksgiving is right around the corner!) The elements of a fall display are:

- Chrysanthemums (mums)

- Pumpkins & Gourds

- Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

- Ornamental Millet

- Straw bales *optional

Assuming that you are creating this display near a door or walkway, there are some things to consider such as width of the area, and foot traffic. Be sure to not to overcrowd the walking area as you don't want to damage your plants as you walk by with grocery bags etc. So depending on your space, you may need more or less mums and other plants. My thoughts is always more is best as it gives an instant pop and complete look, but not in variety. We only chose three types of plants (mums, kales and millet) to prevent it from looking messy.

The key to a great fall display is to layer your plants for height and texture. This will require different sized pots of plants (I used 6" and 12" pot size) varying sizes of ceramic or decorative plastic pots, and risers. These risers can simply be an overturned pot, a brick or even a couple of 2x4's. Another thing to consider is colour scheme. Reds, yellows and oranges are a traditional take on a fall display. A more modern take on it would be to go monochromatic all whites or all yellows for example. For our demonstration we went with a traditional colour pallet.

Step 1 & 2

1. Begin by placing your largest Chrysanthemums in the back. We sell our 12" mums in beautiful textured black plastic pots, so they don't even need to be transplanted into a ceramic pot if you don't have one. Just use it as it. We used 3 large 12" mums, and placed the in a lopsided scalene triangle like shape, with the furthest one at the back on a riser which is about 4-6" tall. If you want to use a straw bale, this is the place to use it. The other two mums will not being on risers.

2. Now between these three planters, add several ornamental millet and kales to break up the mass of flowers. Just two or three are needed for a nice effect. You may choose to plant them in ceramic containers, but it isn't necessary because their pots will be hidden by more flowers.

Step 3

3. Next we took 4 6" mums and placed them in black ceramic pots and put them down the stairs. If you are working on a flat area, just stagger them in a slight zig-zag pattern for interest. At this point, stand back and have a look at your display - if there are any gaps, feel free to shift the planters around to tighten up your display or add in another plant like a kale to break it up. We added a second and third millet down the stairs beside the 6" mums to create a fuller look. Be creative! There isn't really a right or a wrong way to do this.

4. Next is the fun part! Pumpkins and gourds. We choose an eclectic mix of pumpkins and gourds to bring a modern spin on a traditional palate - white pumpkins and green & orange mini gourds. We used the larger white pumpkins to disguise the bare pots of the kales for a more polished look. When making groupings of anything (plants, candles or pumpkins) try to group them in odd numbers (3's and 5's). I am not sure why, but it is much more pleasing to the eye and is a tried and true designer trick.

Step 4

And there you have it! in 20 minutes or less you can have a fall porch display worthy of Instagram. Feel free to upsize or downsize the display based on your space or mix in some of our stunning handmade mixed planters for a different feel all together.

Completed Look

If you are looking for other decorating ideas or variation you can always mix in other elements like lanterns, metal art or baskets! All of these items are currently in stock in the store too, so swipe them up this weekend.

But most of all don't forget to share your creations with us online via Facebook or Instagram! We would love to share your designs with our community!


Heather Youl