Exquisite Euphorbia

Euphorbias are the perfect perennials. While some are as exotic-looking as the rarest succulents and just as drought tolerant, others tastefully blend in when used in a mixed border scenario. They come in just about any colour imaginable, from burgundy verging on black to a brazen flaming orange and there isn’t a season when one can’t find a member of this plant family to brighten your garden. So I thought we’d do a tour of the family Euphorbiaceae so that you too can appreciate the depth that these perennials can bring to our landscapes.

Mixed Euphorbia planter with Purple Wood Spurge.

Euphorbia amygdaloides 'Purpurea'

Although normally perceived as full sun lovers, several thrive in open shade to part sun exposures. The best of these are the Wood Spurges (Euphorbia amygdaloides) which can form dense colonies that act as tall groundcovers. Purple Wood Spurge (‘Purpurea’) features eye-catching reddish-burgundy foliage, while Mrs. Robb’s Bonnet (var. robbiae) bears leathery deep green whorled leaves with both of them producing contrasting yellowish-green blooms from mid to late spring.

Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae

Euphorbia planter with Mrs Robb's Bonnet