Hanging Houseplants - Part 1

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Hanging houseplants can add a lot of personality to your space while saving floor space. But what kinds of hanging houseplants are out there? And what options do you have for hanging your plants? In this week's blog post we are going to give you some hints and tips about introducing hanging plants to your home or office!

Succulent Hanging Plants

Succulents as hanging plants are a fantastic option because they are perfect for inconvenient or hard to reach spots because they do not require frequent watering. They are also a wonderful option for a bright but diffuse light location which might be too warm for other options.

Succulent hanging plants like very similar care in the way they require bright light, best from a diffuse West or South facing window. Well draining soil like ProMix Cactus Mix is a fantastic option if you are re-potting you succulent. Increase watering during Spring and Summer months and use a cactus and succulent fertilizer during the growing season

Trailing Jade

Trailing Jade are wonderful plants for a high light location but will require slightly more watering than other trailing succulents in a hot spot.

String of Pearls

These delicate strings and bobbles are a fun and interesting succulent. Finding the right balance of water is exceptionally important, so perhaps not a beginner friendly plant.

Burros Tail

With fleshy blue-green leaves which retain water, Burros Tail plants are a good plant for the beginner plant collector. These plants like their soil to moderately and consistently moist - just be sure not to over water as it may cause root rot.