Irresistible Iris

This plant family includes close to 300 species that are found across the northern hemisphere in such diverse ecosystems as bogs, mountain screes, meadows, and almost desert-like conditions. Add to that the cultivars of popular species such German Bearded Iris (Iris germanica), which exceed 30,000, and you have a nearly limitless choice of colour and form. Then we have the broad seasonality of bloom, with Iris reticulata and I. danfordiae flowering late winter to spring, followed by Siberian and Japanese Iris (I. sibirica / I. ensata), from mid-spring to early summer, and finishing with the late summer to fall flower display of repeat-blooming German Bearded Iris; so, you can have one in flower in your garden at almost any time of the year.

The pinnacle of the Iris world is the elegant German Bearded Iris with their large blooms which are often two-tone, with different coloured standards and falls (lower flower portion) such as ‘Mexican Holiday’ (orange/bronze) or ‘Edith Wolford’ (soft yellow/purple). There are also picotee forms or those with brightly coloured edges