Keep Calm & Garden On: 5 Things to Do in Your Garden this Weekend.

Well, what a strange place we are all in at this moment! I know at many of us are feeling a little lost or anxious about the current state of affairs; however, if there had to be a time to stay home and away from others, this week isn't a bad one! With the forecast this weekend in Pitt Meadows to be between 13 and 15 degrees and partly sunny, it is a wonderful time to get some work done in your garden.

We announced yesterday that we are now taking orders over the phone and online via our website here. In addition, we are offering parking lot pick-up and delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays to help do our part in maintaining social distancing for the health and safety of our customers and staff. Delivery in Pitt Meadows is $25.00 flat rate and $30.00 for Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge. We have received a huge amount of interest in these services, so we request your patience as we make this new system happen.

So lets talk about gardening! We have so many great new products in store this Spring that it was hard to choose just 3, but here we go!

1. Plant Your Spring Bulbs

We have a huge selection of bulbs at the moment such as Dahlias, Begonias, Peony's, and Calla Lilies. These bulbs and tubers are best planted after the last risk of frost, so the forecast is looking good for planting.

We offer a wide variety of planting accessories such as kneeling pads, bulb pans and handheld planters. Don't forget to pick up fertilizer! We recommend our GardenPro Bulb Food 2-9-6.

2.) Create a Spring Inspired Planter!

Pansies, Ranunculus, Violas, Tulips and other potted bulbs can be combined in so many different manners to create a stunning planter. Not only will it bring a bright spot of joy to your home, but to all your passing neighbours as well. Use evergreen accents like perennial ferns, Hellebores or Heathers as a foundation and then plant your choice of colourful annuals among them. Then when it warms up, you can swap out your early bloomers for summer staples like Geraniums, Begonias and Heliotrope. The bedding house is now open as well!

3.) Plant Your Potatoes, Onions & Rhubarb

It is time to get your root vegetables and early Spring vegetables in the ground! The staff have been busily stocking and restocking our shelves with seed potatoes. onion sets, asparagus, rhubarb and garlic.

At the moment we have an excellent selection of combo packs of Chieftan, Gem Russet & Yukon Gold potatoes, single packs of organic Yukon Gold and organic Gem Russet. Other staff favourites are the unique purple Russian Blue and tender Banana potato varieties.

As for onions we have Spanish, Red, Walla Walla, Multipliers and French. We also have Red Russian and Regular garlic in stock. If you are a Rhubarb fan, we are now carrying the variety Canada Red which is a very sweet variety, which means you can add less sugar when cooking with them. They are prolific growers and you can expect stalks 2 to 3 feet tall producing 4 to 12 pounds of stalks per crown.

Lastly, we now have Asparagus in! The Millenium variety which is also a great producer, with lovely straight spears with a tender consistency.

4. Clean Up The Yard

This weekend will be a great time to just do some general yard maintenance. Clear up any fallen branches, rake up any residual leaves from last fall and give the composter a good churn. Remove old leaf litter from underneath hedges to promote better airflow and reduce the risk of harmful fungus blooms. Also, have a look around your house for any signs of critters like Moles or mice. This is a great time to get the yard in shape before you start planting your annuals. If you have any questions about when or how to prune the trees or shrubs in your garden, our knowledgeable staff can help you with those questions and get you the right tools for the job.

5.) Start you Chafer Beetle Control Measures