Love Is In the Air - 3 Valentines Day Gifts That Aren't Roses

Valentines Day or for our single friends out there Palentines Day, is a great day to let our friends, partners and loved ones know how much they mean to us. Typically we celebrate with gifting said person with a dozen red roses and perhaps a box of chocolates which last for about a week.

Looking for something different this season? Check out these 3 alternative ideas!

1. Tropical Plant Arrangement

A tropical plant arrangement is a long lasting and thoughtful gift. This first one is chalk full of hardy and easy to grow plants like Peace Lily, Nephthytis, Kalanchoe, and African Violets all in a stylish white pot. What gives this planter a environmentally friendly twist, is that when the plants out grown the pot, they are all easily transplantable into their own containers as standalone houseplants and the quality pot available for a new plant! No need to put them in the composter.

We carry a great selection of tropical plant arrangements and bowl gardens which make for fantastic gifts. Just ask our helpful staff to add a pink or red accent via wrap for an added touch. The benefit is, that although these are tropical plants, many if not most of them that we sell, are grown right here in the lower mainland.

Other options we carry are stunning Jasmine flower hoops, cute Polka Dot plants in a love birds container, exotic pink Tillandsia, and cute pink Pin Stripe Calathea. Complete the look with an adorable vintage-inspired pink glass mister.

2. Sow the Seeds of Love (and flowers)

Love is a lot like gardening. It requires patience, persistence, finesse and thoughtfulness. Show that special someone how much they mean to you by sowing the seeds of love with them! This year we have a excellent selection of flower seeds from both West Coast Seeds and Pacific Northwest (both local companies.)

Not sure where to start? Pick seeds which remind you of them. A sunny personality? Try Sunflowers. Do they love fragrances? Try Sweet Peas. If you have a butterfly lover in your life then the Butterfly Wildflower mix is perfect for you. Or if you husband isn't a fan of mowing the yard, try the Lawn Alternative Wildflower mix!

Don't forget to get your seed starting materials like gloves, soils, trays, labels and lights. Plant the seeds together to grow some memories.

Not into seeds? Try some of our stunning Begonia bulbs! We have a excellent selection in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

3. Pretty Things Can Be Useful Too

Gardeners are notoriously practical... I think it is because we know eventually something will break or get dirty, it is just a fact of life! But that doesn't mean that a gift can't be beautiful and practical. This year we have an amazing selection of home decor and gardening supplies which are both surprisingly practical and beautiful. From macrame hanging shelves, to stunning glass giftware sets to special front door mats which can change with the seasons there are surprises throughout the store. Here are some of our favourites.

We are loving this stunning glass plant care kit. The vintage style mister is almost like a piece of home decor, and the ornate watering bulb is practical in the sense that it will water your houseplants while you are away on vacation. Just simply fill, press the tip into the soil, and the terracotta tip will wick the water out into the plant as it needs it!

Same door mat, different feature image! These unique door mats by Sassafras allow the user to swap out the centre mat to whatever design they like! The unique embedded nature of the frame is great as it is not a tripping hazard nor is it able to shift around or slide out of its place (trust us, we product tested it when they arrived) With a dozen different options available, you can switch them out for any season or any reason!

For the Boho in your life, we have some uber trendy items in the store right now. Some of our favourites are the macrame plant holders like this shelf and the single plant hanger. Not only are they gorgeous, but they keep your plants out of reach from kids and pets! Another is this amazing woven medallion which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use making it beautiful and functional.