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LAWN GUARDIAN -Beneficial Nematodes: Do you have dead patches on your lawn? Skunks digging up the grass? You have Lawn GRUBS! Lawn Guardian - Canadian Beneficial Nematodes, your environment friendly solution. Apply Spring and Fall for your year round bylaw compliant solution. Lawn Guardian Hunts down and Kills Grubs!

  • 100% Safe for people, pets, plants and even earthworms. Treats 2000-3000 sq. ft ( 180-270 sq.m)
  • Beneficial Nematodes are organic microscopic worms that when applied to moist soil, seek out and kill pest larva such as grubs.
  • Apply in spring when soil temperature is above 10 degrees C and grubs are seen in the soil
  • Apply in late August through October to eliminate newly hatched grubs in the soil and to prevent spring damage.
  • Lawn Guardian controls the larva stage of June Bugs, Japanese Beetles, European Chafer the most common lawn grub pests
  • Easy to apply with Hose End Sprayer, Watering Can or Pump Sprayer includes full instructions

Lawn Guardian



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