Garden Design Services

We offer a free, in-house, Garden Design Consultation service. Just bring your ideas, dimensions, and pictures of the area that you wish to improve and our Nursery Department Manager, Mike Lascelle, can help you to design a small area of your garden and show the plants required.  

If you are interested in a formal design plan, then an appointment can be made with 'Mike's Garden' for an on-site landscape consultation.  
This service is designed to provide homeowners with the information they need to make better choices about their gardens.

Mike offers services that include tree assessment, design advice, pruning lessons, pest diagnosis, and contractor referrals.


Mike Lascelle is an experienced landscape designer, certified arborist, and an author of two books on west coast gardening. He also writes many articles in local and national publications.

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Custom Containers & Planters

Looking for something special for your front door or porch or business? Not sure where to start when creating a planter or hanging basket?

We offer custom container and hanging basket services which bring your ideas to life. Leave it to our talented staff to create gorgeous statement pieces such as over-sized moss hanging baskets, seasonally themed containers, and even indoor plant living centerpieces.


Have a special occasion coming up like an open-house or housewarming party? These custom containers make an impact on whomever receives them. Nominal potting fees may apply.

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