Spring Is Here!

Beautiful Spring Colour

Tulips, Muscari, Primulas, Ranunculus, Pansies & Hyacinths


The Nursery Is Filling Up

Rhododendrons, Azaleas, & Japanese Maples

Beautiful Hellebores In Bloom

Hellebore Glendas Gloss-1.jpg

Hellebore Niger in bloom

Hellebore Frost kiss Molly's White

Hellebore Frost kiss Dorothys Dawn

Hellebore Red Lady

Hellebore Pink Lady

Hellebore White-spotted Lady

Hellebore Yellow Lad

Hellebore Klondike Gold

Hellebores hybrid Pippas purple

Hellebore hybrid Glendas Gloss

Hellebore hybrid Penny's Pink

Hellebore Winter Jewels Jade Tiger

Hellebore Cherry blossom 

Hellebore Dana's Dulcet

Hellebore Angel Glow

Hellebore Anna's Ted

Hellebore Sally's Shell

Hellebore Pirouette

Hellebore Cheryl's Shine

Hellebore Charmer

Hellebore Ivory Prince

Hellebore Corsican


Planting Dahlias & Begonias

Tips For Planting Dahlias

​Dahlias are an outstanding addition to your flower border. Blooming July through fall they make excellent cut flowers.

  • Plant tubers mid-April - May when the soil is warm and danger of frost has passed.


  • Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil. An area that receives at least 8 hours of direct sunlight is best.

  • If you have heavier soil add in sand or steer manure to lighten and loosen soil texture.

  • Protect from strong winds.

  • Lay tubers horizontally 4-6” deep. Space tubers 12-24” apart, then cover with soil.

  • Add Bone meal to the soil at planting time.

  • Do not water tubers until they begin to sprout.

  • Apply slug and snail bait to protect new shoots.

  • Begin to feed Dahlias with a granular fertilizer high in phosphorous and potash one month after planting. These are the last 2 numbers in a fertilizer. Bulb Food (3-15-6) or Potato food (6-20-20) are excellent choices.  Repeat on a monthly basis.

  • Stake tall varieties, keep plants well-watered during warm summer months.

  • Remove spent blooms to encourage flowering.

  • Lift tubers after frost has killed the leaves. Store tubers in a box, cover with peat or vermiculite and store in a cool, dark frost-free area.

Tips for Planting Begonia Tubers

Begonias are a wonderful addition to hanging baskets and planters alike. Tolerant of part-sun locations they brighten up a shady spot.


  • Start Begonias in 4" peat pots filled halfway with starter soil mix

  • Nestle the rounded end into the starter mix so that the bottom 1/2 of the tuber is covered in soil

  • Water lightly around the tuber, avoiding the tuber itself

  • Place pots in a tray and place on a heat mat or even on top of your fridge where it's warm

  • Once the tubers have 2-3 leaves, cover the tuber with starter soil mix

  • Start to fertilize with Superbloom once every two weeks

  • Move sprouted tubers to a spot with bright indirect light

  • Plants can be gradually acclimatized for outdoor around May long-weekend

  • Once the plants are acclimated, just remove the rim of the peat pot and repot into the new container

  • Begonias grow best in the morning sun and afternoon shade

DSCF6978 (2).JPG

Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets Have Arrived